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Meal Replacement, Meal Enhancement, Pre-Workout, Post Workout | Pain Pollen is a condensed powerful 100% superfood blend of Pine Pollen, Turmeric Root, Black Pepper and Honey Powder. Over 200+ bioactive nutrients are included in the Pine Pollen ingredient panel including powerful antioxidants like SuperOxide Dismutase and other antioxidants that increase the ability of the Pain Pollen to reduce inflammation and pain. Depending on each blend, Pine Pollen is the base of our superfood blends making up 25% - 75% of each product. Stored in 3 - 7 grams is a cake of natural occurring nutrients that feed the body, that are easy absorbed and support the bodies natural stress response preventing premature aging, and also support hormone function by introducing naturally occurring plant DHEA and androgens that the body uses to take the place of lost function with age, chronic stress, injury, and/or lifestyle. 

The Turmeric Root in whole has 1000s of antioxidant molecules and properties with Curcumin being just one. The fullness of the superfood is packed with naturally occurring molecules and substances that reduce pain and inflammation in different areas and in different ways. For example, by giving the cells massive amounts of natural nutrients to allow for anti-inflammation and detoxification the Pain Pollen has a fast effect offering metabolic healing and aid to damaged tissue. Tumeric and Curmumin are absorbed up to 100x better by adding Pepper or Black Pepper to the product. The compound effect of these two substances Tumeric Root and Black pepper drastically increases the absorption of vitamins, minerals, and substances in the Stomach and Small Intestines. Turmeric is one of the greatest natural anti inflammatories and muscle/ joint pain killers known to man, by combining this substance with the most dense superfood in the world, Pain Pollen was brought to life. 

Pain Pollen is great for a meal replacement but also a meal enhancement, pre workout and post workout. The diversity and broad spectrum of nutrients provides the Advanced Body Foods consumer variations and alternatives as a way of use. We recommend using the 1/ 2 Teaspoon of the Pain Pollen to start out with due to its intense effects of the bowels killing bad bacteria, mold, and viruses that create disease in the digestional pathway. It may slightly increase the bowels movement but should be natural and comfortable. Build up to 1 to 2 tablespoons or as needed to control pain, inflammation, or chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia or chronic pain.

This product is safe and effective for daily long term use and drastically enhances the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients the body takes in throughout the day and is a great meal replacement powering with all the essential amino acids needed to sustain life. This powerful benefit of pine pollen is very unique. Providing all the essential amino acids and protein Pine Pollen blends can actually be seen as a meal replacement. 

Pain Pollen can be used with the other Pollen Blends and is a great Post work out or evening blend allowing a sedative/ relaxing effect along with the pain and natural anti-inflammation. Many of our customers use Pain Pollen in the morning in place of a meal for its detoxification effect. This ability to be used in the morning or evening is due to Pine Pollen and Turmeric Root’s adaptogenic qualities meaning the substances can be used by the body in different ways and can affect each person differently. We recommend exploring what is best for you. 

Pine Pollen Energy

If you have a problem with digestion , take Pain Pollen near a meal. Although we don’t see that often if you have taken it as a meal enhancement improving the vitamin, mineral, nutrient component of your meal, that's excellent. But also don’t forget it can be used as a meal replacement if you are working on your weight and trying to lose weight. Intermittent fasting is great for the body, and this product offers a massive nutrient payload without any insulin release. By supplying nutrients to the body in a ketogenic or weight loss state this is one amazing product.