Pine Pollen And SOD (Superoxide Dismutase)

Pine Pollen can be a valuable resource in increasing your natural levels of antioxidants. SOD (Superoxide Dismutase). SOD is the master antioxidant produced by the body, and oxidation is the #1 aging mechanism in the body.* Pine Pollen contains SOD, which may increase your levels of this anti-oxidant.* 

SOD is known to have many beneficial effects in the body, including the prevention of Lipid Peroxidation.* Lipid Peroxidation is the destruction of healthy cell walls by oxidants in the blood, where the oxidants break-down the cell membranes. SOD also increases Glutathione S-transferases (GTS).* This process, done by a healthy liver, has many incredibly important roles, including detoxification of environmental pollutants, including xeno-estrogens (xeno-estrogens are highly damaging to the endocrine system).* GTS also aids in the detoxification of oxidative stress metabolites, and aids in the aforementioned process of removing lipofuscin deposits.*