Pine Pollen - The Lipid And Fat Profile Of Pine Pollen

The primary saccharides present in Pine Pollen are the polysaccharides starch, cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, and fiber; the majority of these being found in the cell wall of Pine Pollen. These tough, largely indigestible saccharides are the reason while the cell wall must be fractured for the nutrients to become digestible by the human body. The connection between fiber and health is both well documented and well understood. A quick overview of the benefits of dietary fiber include digestive system health and promoting regular elimination, promote the elimination of the carcinogens found in certain foods (this is why low fiber intake is tied to colon cancer), promote cardiovascular health, blood sugar regulation, and many other positive health benefits.* Pine Pollen is a rich source of important dietary fiber. 

In the following table an overview of the different saccharides, including dietary fiber, found in Pine Pollen is provided.

Saccharide Content Of Pine Pollen

Saccharide Percentage

Starch 7.0% - Cellulose 9.9% - Hemicellulose 1.5% - Lignin 25.9% - Fiber 27.3%