Pine Pollen - Pine Pollen And Nucleic Acid

Nucleic acids are the building blocks of DNA and RNA—our genetic material. They regulate cell division and growth and they ultimately control the synthesis of new cells and protein.* Nucleic acids are synthesized by the body in the bone marrow, the liver, and in the brain. As such, they are not essential nutrients necessary to be consumed. However, newer research has shown that after the age of 20, a person’s ability to produce nucleic acids begins to diminish; resulting is a reduced capacity to form new cells to ensure the health of skin, brain, eyes, the digestive system, and other processes and structures in the body.* In short, declining levels of nucleic acid in the body bring on aging. 

Pine Pollen is the regenerative part of the pine tree, and as such it is rich in nucleic acids. Between 30.55 – 37.7 milligrams of nucleic acids are found in 65 grams of it.