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Performance Pollen
More Information Our Pine Pollen
Pine Pollen is nutritionally dense.

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Pollen is like a seed in that it contains all of the nutrients and other factors needed to bring a new plant into life. In the case of Pine Pollen, contained within it are the necessary building blocks needed to bring a new pine tree. No small feat. To date, over 200 different compounds have been identified in Pine Pollen, including over 20 different amino acids (including all nine essential amino acids), 15 different vitamins, over 30 different micro and macro minerals, and over 100 other biologically active and important compounds, including many living enzymes and coenzymes, flavonoids, nucleic acids, saccharides, and unsaturated fatty acids. Unlike isolated and/or synthesized supplements, the nutritional compounds found in Pine Pollen occur naturally in their complete and active state—complex, rich, and balanced. 

Pine Pollen has been used consistently and continually in China throughout the past 1500 years, as documented in many Chinese herbalism texts. This long history of medicinal application highlights its safety, but the look into its safety does not stop there. Current modern research has also documented its safety. Acute and short-term toxicity tests have shown the safety of Pine Pollen and research has been done into the potential of carcinogenesis (cancer causing), mutagenesis (changes to DNA), and teratogenesis (changes to an embryo or fetus), all of which has shown Pine Pollen to be safe for human consumption. 
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Even when compared to the typical food that people eat, even whole and unprocessed foods, Pine Pollen still shines nutritionally. For instance, by weight, it contains between seven and 10 times the protein content of eggs or beef, the naturally occurring beta-carotene in Pine Pollen is 20-30 times higher than the beta-carotene found in carrots (with no toxicity concerns because it is naturally occurring beta-carotene and not synthesized Vitamin A), and the iron content is 20 times higher than in spinach, which is of particular interest to vegans and vegetarians. When the nutritional profile of Pine Pollen is compared to bee pollen, a similar pattern emerges: the crude fatty acid content of Pine Pollen is three times higher than in bee pollen, and research has shown that both the nutrient profile and the bioavailability of the nutrients in Pine Pollen are greater than in bee pollen. 


The Function Of Amino Acids And Proteins 

To understand the role of proteins in the body, it is important to understand that each type of protein is unique both in structure and function and that it is estimated that over 50,000 unique protein types exist in humans. Each protein type is a unique string of combined amino acids, and if one amino acid is missing, the body cannot make that protein. 

Because amino acids are not stored in the body as some other nutrients are, a daily intake of a wide variety of amino acids is essential—which is why there is a class of amino acids called essential. An essential nutrient must be consumed, the body cannot make them and they are essential to life. As an example of the complexity of proteins, hemoglobin—the part of red blood cells that carries oxygen and carbon dioxide—is a string of 146 amino acids. Not all different, but in an exact sequence, like a phone number. While a phone number only contains 10 digits ((555) 555-5555), and there are only 10 possibilities for each digit (0-9), if you are missing one of the numbers from the phone number, or if the number eight on your keypad is broken, the rest of the numbers you have are meaningless. If a cell is trying to build a protein, like an immune system cell, and the amino acid methionine is missing, then that protein is not made. Except for water, almost everything in the body, including enzymes, are proteins. 

People eat proteins—whether they be in a carrot, a hamburger, or a slab of tofu—but the body only does business with amino acids. Proteins enter the digestive tract, but only amino acids are absorbed through the walls of the small intestine. That is because digestive enzymes present in the body break down whole proteins into their individual amino acid building blocks—it is these individual amino acids that make proteins the “building blocks of life.” By keeping a dietary intake of rich and varied proteins (and subsequently rich and varied amino acids and nucleic acids), proper protein synthesis and RNA and DNA synthesis can occur in the body. The body is about 16% protein (remember that it is mostly water), and proteins are constantly produced, broken down, and recycled in the body. 

Topical CBD Collection

For increased health benefits without the side effects and dependency associated with opioids and prescription pain relief, CBD is a viable alternative. CBD may also be used to replace muscle relaxers, NSaids, or Codeine in some instances.  

Full Spectrum CBD Oils

CBD oil, also known as Cannabidiol, is a potent liquid. The non-psychoactive compounds of the cannabis sativa plant are extracted. These compounds are scientifically proven to be effective for managing pain and inflammation.

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Anti-Aging, Energy, & Performance

Pine Pollens Superfoods

Joint pain- Swelling- Stress- Anxiety

Topical CBD Pain Relief

Natural care alternative for anxiety

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Anti-Aging, Energy, & Performance

Energy Pollen

Pine Pollen Blends

Testosterone Boost Pine Pollen Blend

Testosterone Pollen is a 100% all natural superfood and meal replacement that optimizes and supports testosterone. Use this powerful blend to help boost your energy and performance as well as help with pain, stamina, recovery post workout and nutritional enhancement and support. This Pine Pollen blend can also help with kidney, heart and immunity protection as well as stress response. Add 1-2 teaspoons to water, tea, coffee or shakes for your natural health solutions every day.

Testosterone Pine Pollen
Pine Pollen Blends

Vixen Pine Pollen Blend

Vixen Pollen promotes maximized energy, hormone balance, strength, performance, digestion, focus and injury recovery. Vixen Pollen supports women’s health by providing many key nutrients needed for proper hormone function but also overall health and wellness. Vixen Pollen optimizes your hormones, enhances sexual performance and libido, helps with sleep, intensifies focus and also promotes anti-aging. Add 1-2 teaspoons to water, tea, coffee or shakes for your overall health and wellbeing every day.

Vixen Pine Pollen
Pine Pollen Blends

Performance Pine Pollen Blend

Performance Pollen is a superfood blend that is packed with 100% all natural ingredients. Use this protein blend, power packed meal replacement to aid in performance, strength training, pre-workout, weight loss, post weight loss surgery recovery, stamina and meal replacement. This superfood is a great way to add core nutritional value back to your meals. It is a proprietary blend of organic cracked cell Wall Pine Pollen, Blue Spirulina Algae and Honey. Add 1-2 teaspoons to water, tea, coffee or shakes for maximized performance every day.

Performance Pine Pollen
Pine Pollen Blends

Pain Pine Pollen

Pain Pollen is an anti-inflammatory and joint pain reliever that is 100% all natural. It can be used as a meal replacement and is a superfood that contains turmeric, black pepper, condensed honey powder and organic cracked cell wall pine pollen. Pain pollen helps with arthritis, chronic pain, energy, vitality, stress and anxiety, as well as muscle and joint pain and inflammation. By adding 1-2 teaspoons to water, tea, coffee or shakes daily you can improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Pain Pain Pollen

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"In my search for pain relief, I have used several products, Advanced Body Food topical CBD cream Goldencense is where I stopped looking. The Frankincense is the key to the formula"